Here you can find all important questions about our solution in advance. However, if you still have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to take care of your personal concerns!

Which components does the logistics bude solution address?

The Logistikbude solution consists of a web-based platform and an associated app, the so-called companion app, which is operated on Microsoft servers. Customers do not need any other hardware besides their computer for the web application and a suitable smart device (smartphone or Android industrial scanner) for the app. This means that the solution can be used immediately. Your own systems and IoT trackers can be connected via easy-to-use plug & play interfaces.

What challenges does the logistics shop address?

The logistics shed addresses the two central challenges in load carrier management: tracking and managing load carriers. On the one hand, the logistics booth reduces costs by a quarter due to a lack of transparency about processes and inventories, such as shrinkage, long processing times and high replenishment times. On the other hand, the effort required to document exchange processes and reconcile exchange accounts is minimized and at the same time the duration of the reconciliation process is reduced by more than half.

What distinguishes the Logistikbude solution from other providers?

The Logistikbude's solution is based on Fraunhofer technology and uses cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, big data algorithms, artificial intelligence and IoT sensors. These are combined in such a way that old processes are not digitally mapped, but are completely automated. For the first time, the biggest challenges in load carrier management, tracking and administration are addressed together in one solution.

How long does it take before I can use your solution?

Thanks to cloud technology and SaaS pricing model, the solution is immediately ready for use. The modern cloud architecture makes the system correspondingly scalable even for large quantities of load carriers. This means that only a three-month onboarding is required, during which we train employees and transfer your data.

How much does it cost me to manage reusable objects? What does it cost me if I don't use your software?

This depends heavily on the charge carriers used and their quantity. However, using the example of a euro pallet, it can be seen that the process costs exceed the new price after just two cycles. In the case of more complex transport racks, loss and repair of just a few objects has a significant impact on the balance sheet due to high costs. In any case, the logistics shed can reduce costs by 60-80 percent and at the same time cut the handling process time by more than half.

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