We solve your challenges with reusable assets.

By reusable assets, we mean pallets, mesh boxes, containers, racks, IBCs and everything that is used between companies.

We solve your challenges with reusable objects.

By reusable objects, we mean pallets, mesh boxes, containers, racks, IBCs and everything that is used between companies.

These companies rely on the #Bude

The Logistikbude automates and streamlines the most annoying process in logistics

The use of reusable assets causes high personnel costs due to documentation, booking and coordination. Shrinkage and slow turnaround times also result in high costs in the form of repurchase and capital commitment. We are changing this and offering our customers software that combines all reusable assets in one standard solution.

Accounts & Stocks

Standardised load carriers are managed in terms of quantity and thus enable transparent exchange between all partners.


Individual load carriers receive a unique serial number and are tracked via barcodes, RFID tags or IoT trackers.

We have strong arguments


Leading technology

Real-time cloud approach that combines volume booking, serial numbers, and IoT. Based on Fraunhofer technology. Hosted by Microsoft.


Asset independence

All reusable objects in one solution, regardless of types and technologies. That means scalability and flexibility for the future.


Intuitive standard software

Can be used immediately and learnt within a few minutes, thanks to the latest UX design. Continuous development based on real user feedback.

Your benefits at a glance

As a manufacturing company, logistics service provider or retailer, you benefit from being able to map all your reusable assets in a single software from now on.

Without Logistikbude
Manual management of load carriers
Up to 30% too large stocks
High costs due to personnel costs and shrinkage
Lack of transparency
Lack of support and advice
With Logistikbude
Automated reusable management
Digital and comprehensible process
Return-on-investment in less than six months
Real-time inventory and tracking
Access to expert knowledge and tailored support
That's how it works

In 4 steps to digital reusable management

Our software consists of a website, an app and various plug & play interfaces (APIs). We combine this data and store it in a central, secure location. With the collected data, we create transparency so that complex reusable processes are then automated and streamlined.

Bring data together
Regardless of technologies and reusable types, data is collected according to your needs. First, we use the data that you already have via an interface (e.g. TMS, WMS, or ERP system). Missing data is then generated via a mobile device, web mask or IoT sensor.
Create transparency
By intelligently linking the data, you can see at any time where how many of your reusable objects are and in what condition they are - in real time. In this way, you can increase circulation speeds, optimize inventories and reduce shrinkage.
Automate processes
We use the newfound transparency to automate manual tasks. Our software automatically notifies you of discrepancies and coordinates with your partners via a web link. Including orders and exemptions.
Develop new business models
Finally, our software offers you the option of invoicing overdue rents to your partners based on the cause. This not only reduces your reusable costs, but also opens up a completely new sales channel.

Content worth reading about reusable use


Reusable objects: From cost drivers to sources of income — this is how reusable management works in the 21st century

Reusable objects are essential, but managing them requires high costs and effort. Our software automates tracking and significantly reduces personnel costs for load carrier management. With our rental model, companies can even generate income. This is how efficient and transparent packaging management works


PPWR is committed to more reusable use. How the Logistikbude helps companies implement

Find out first-hand why the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) obliges companies to reuse more and what effects this has on the packaging industry. Discover how you can deal with the new laws and what opportunities arise from them.


The symbiosis of sustainability and load carrier management

The topic of sustainability has come into focus more than ever in recent years. And rightly so! But what exactly does sustainability mean? And why is it so important? In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the topic of sustainability and look at it in particular against the background of load carrier management.


Which technologies are suitable for managing value-added objects?

After the last blog was about the basic principles for managing B2B reusable objects, this issue deals with an overview of the exciting technologies for reusable management.

Teamfoto Logistikbude, Stand April 2024, mit Mitarbeitern und Mitarbeiterinnen der Logistikbude
Our vision: Reusable as easy as disposable

A great team with a common goal

We want to make their reusable management as easy as possible for companies and thus contribute to the success of the circular economy. To do this, we are looking for motivated colleagues. Do you want to be part of something big? Apply now.

  • Spin-off from Fraunhofer IML in 2021

  • Honored with the 2023 Founder Prize for the best Fraunhofer spin-off

  • 14 team members in a hybrid working model, remotely and on site in Dortmund

Potentials of your
Reusable digitization

Our software is self-explanatory and provides instructions directly within the software. This allows you to manage users, locations, accounts and load carriers yourself and get started right away without your own infrastructure. But interfaces to your master systems can also be quickly implemented thanks to plug & play.


less personnel costs due to automation of processes from recording to reconciliation


less repurchase of reusable material due to reduction of shrinkage and increased circulation speed


saved CO2 emissions (GWP) due to less shrinkage, less demand and less transport of empty containers

Let's calculate your savings potential together

The first step is to understand your reusable use case in detail. This is done in a thirty-minute introductory appointment. As a result, you will receive an initial business case calculation from us. If working together is worthwhile for you, the next step is to show you our software as part of a sixty-minute live demonstration on your use case.

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“Many people can do things complicated, but the characteristic of the logistics shed is simple and efficient.”

Dr. Volker Lange

Head of Packaging Logistics at Fraunhofer IML

We focus on transparency. With Logistikbude, our customers and service providers can view their stocks and planned orders ‘live’ at any time. Both sides work faster, more efficiently and with fewer resources as a result. I particularly appreciate the solution-orientated communication with Logistikbude.

Carola Pries


The cooperation with Logistikbude is customer and performance-oriented. Since using the software in September 2023, we no longer need to manually enter loading equipment slips, which has already reduced our administrative effort by 50%. The trend is rising.

Roland Huber

Logistics Project Specialist

Like money, load carriers are the lubricant of our industry, but technologically comparable to banking in the 1980s. The Logistikbude has recognized this. We therefore see the potential in them to redefine load carrier management and are pleased to support them with our network, including at Fiege.

Matthias Friese

Founding Partner

Many can make things complicated, but the characteristic of the Logistikbude is simple and efficient.

Dr. Volker Lange

Head of packaging logistics

Impressions of #Bude

If you would like to find out more about us, feel free to check out our team page.