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Carmen Riehemann
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In today's working world, it is increasingly important to create pleasant collaboration on equal footing in addition to actual work processes and services. This is the only way to create a harmonious and creative collaboration in which everyone feels equally involved. But what makes this way of working so successful? And why did we decide to go down this path? In this blog post, we want to address a few points as to why flat hierarchies and collaboration on equal terms are so important to us.

Flat hierarchies are particularly helpful when it comes to really all Involve employees equally in many different work processes When working with sometimes complex products, it is important that all employees are involved in the various work processes. When the understanding of the product grows equally among everyone in the team, this provides a unique basis for suggestions for improvement from many different perspectives from the employees and departments of the company.

Without rigid rules and work according to regulations, the motivation for all employees to contribute themselves and new ideas and to suggest improvements is significantly greater. As a result, not only is the company constantly developing, but also the team, and each individual, has the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

Cooperation on equal terms means that decisions can be made more quickly, as the lines of communication are significantly shorter and there are no long detours or response times. This results in significantly fewer problems with each other and the work is not only more efficient, but also more pleasant and harmonious for the entire team.

It is important to us to focus on people when working together, instead of evaluating them solely on the basis of performance.

The close team bond means that all employees are motivated and engaged at work and are creatively involved in various processes and enjoy coming to work instead of sitting bored in the office. We want to create a personal environment for our employees in which everyone can get involved equally, because we believe that really good performance only comes from really good cooperation.

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