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Why it is worthwhile to automatically reconcile packaging accounts

Carmen Riehemann
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How the logistics shop is revolutionizing reconciliation

It is precisely this reconciliation that the logistics bude solution with automatic exchange reconciliation starts. It doesn't matter whether the exchange accounts are maintained directly in the platform or in your own system, as a CSV file can be automatically read and interpreted from the system. For this purpose, only a CSV file with all bookings from all exchange partners is uploaded and automatically broken down into exchange accounts by the algorithm. The exchange partners then receive a secure link from the system to a website where they can confirm or correct the individual bookings without registration, add their own bookings and upload receipts. The view of your own company then only shows corrections and new bookings; it is no longer necessary to review all individual bookings.

If you receive an account statement or a file with individual transactions from your exchange partner, these can also be uploaded and automatically checked by the system. By using the logistics shed, the personnel costs for the exchange reconciliation are therefore reduced by up to 80 percent, while the time between physical exchange and accounting settlement is more than halved.