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Why are we actually called Logistikbude?

Carmen Riehemann
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Why Logistikbude?

After the initial brainstorming sessions and numerous names with “i-” at the beginning or “-fy” at the end (all of which we had forgotten after a few minutes), it was clear that we wanted something understandable and down-to-earth and therefore something that fits logistics in general and the DNA of our company in particular.

After that, the first “Logistics” part was quickly found for two simple reasons: First and foremost, it stands for focusing on our solution. With our software, we address the everyday logistical challenges of load carrier management. On the other hand, four founders share a common history at Fraunhofer IML in Dortmund. Here, logistics is lived as an engineering science and researched from A to Z in an application-oriented manner.

The second part of the name wasn't found quite as quickly: After some thought, it was in the end a very casual sentence from our mentor Michael ten Hompel that unknowingly gave rise to our name. When giving us feedback, he said “You need to think bigger, you're not a kiosk after all.” The working title “Logistikbude” was then created somewhat flippantly. Over time, however, we liked the name better and it was therefore clear: “We are the logistics shop! ”

But we didn't just like it, we can also identify with the meaning of the name.

“Bude” is also a small ode to our home in the Ruhr region. Here it is a common name for kiosk. There, you can get a solution quickly and easily and they depend on close customer loyalty. I meet familiar faces here and can rely on the fact that I will still get what I need here even when all supermarkets are already closed.

Reliable and straightforward — that fits. About us and about our software.

The meaning of our logo

The open and humorous way in which outstanding people work together should of course be reflected in the name and logo.

The starting point for the logo was therefore also the booth or kiosk, which should be abstracted in the logo without giving the impression of a shop where you could buy physical products. Easier said than done, because we also wanted to reflect the IT part and thus the simplicity of our software.

The layout of our logo essentially represents an opened box. On the one hand, this creates the first association with logistics, and on the other hand, it highlights the most important point of our software, namely simplicity. We offer an out-of-the-box solution that requires no additional components or your own IT infrastructure.

Everything you need is provided by us and it can be used immediately.

We also managed to include the place in our logo. If you remove the top lids of the box, you get a cross-section of an abstracted booth. If you also add characteristics of a typical place, such as the awning and an open large window, the picture is complete.

Last but not least, there was the IT part, which could not be missing from the logo. Data storage

and cloud backup is a fundamental part of our solution. It was important to us to take this into account and is reflected in our logo in the orange horizontal and vertical bars, which represent server cabinets in abstract form.

What do you think of our name and logo? We're looking forward to your feedback!